First, you’ll notice the site looks different. Unfortunately, we’ve had to make some changes, but we hope to have a more robust site up again in the near future. Please see the most recent newsletter for more details as to what happened and why. If you did not get one, please contact us by email and we will give you more information.

Next, we will be meeting twice this month. The first meeting is to help us plan for the future of the group.

Everyone is welcome!

Tuesday August 14th

6:30 PM

Location: Tea Party Castle located btw 23 & 24 on the east side of Van Dyke

Our regular monthly meeting will be held the following week:

Tuesday August 21st

6PM – 8PM

Location: Hamlin Pub at the corner of 25 Mile & Van Dyke

Again, we hope you can join us at both meetings. If you have any input for what you would like SABA to be or to include, please feel free to email us at